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Our founder, Paul Cifka, was visiting Japan for a friend's wedding in 2001 when he encountered the coolest bottle opener he had ever seen. He ordered several extra beers just to watch the staff open them (or so he says). It looked so fun and effortless, he asked if he could buy one from them.

Surprised that he had never seen them in the States, Paul took several back home as his gifts. Everybody loved them. At parties, they became the center of attention. Even an older relative with arthritis had no problem using it. How could something so cool - and so essential, not be found everywhere?

Paul created the company Anzen Markets LLC and quickly set off again for Asia, where he met with a number of producers and distributors. After meeting with a producer that shared his commitment to quality, Paul was ready to start selling this amazing product in America. However, he needed a name. Even in Japan, where it was invented, everybody tended to call it different names.

Because of how simple it is to use, the name 'Be Open' just seemed to fit. Though it is still far from a household name, the 'Be Open' has generated thousands of happy customers all over America during the past 10 years. Buy one today and help us to spread the word - this truly is the essential bottle opener!

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Get more out of life
People should be able to enjoy whatever they do - even things as simple as opening a bottle.
We believe that a best lived life is a deliberate one. This is why we offer unique products that are designed to make life more fun and simple.

Have you ever had to search through a drawer for an elusive bottle opener while a cold beer waited for you on the counter? Is a cold drink after a hard day's work a small but important ritual? Our products are answers to these kinds of questions.

Put simply, products such as the 'Be Open' stem from a perspective on living a more fulfilling life. Know of any other cool products that we should be selling? Please send us an email!

Think globally, act locally
Anzen Markets (our parent company) believes in helping to make our local and global communities better places to live. To support a variety of causes, our founder Paul Cifka has served on the board of the World Affairs Council. We invite you to join us and learn more about how you can become involved in your local and global community. Click here to learn more about the World Affairs Council.

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Paul Cifka - Founder
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