The Easiest Bottle Opener.

How it works
In a single motion...
  1. Place your Be Open on top of the bottle
  2. Push down and hear the 'click'
  3. Lift the opener straight up from the bottle...
...And enjoy your ice-cold bottle of beer or soda!

What kind of bottles does the Be Open work on?
  • The Be Open works on almost any kind of crown cap bottles - including twist-offs.
What happens to the cap?
  • The Be Open has a nifty magnet that usually catches the cap.
How does it actually work?
  • How dare you ask our secret! Kidding, of course. When you push down on the Be Open over the top of a bottle, a lever pops out in combination with the downward pressure. This pries the cap off... presto! Simple engineering actually.
Who would you recommend this product for?
  • Anyone can enjoy the Be Open. It is definitely the most fun way to open a bottle. Because it creates almost no tension, the Be Open has received positive reviews from sufferers of arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel. This cool bottle opener is also popular with people who want to prevent similar ailments - such as bartenders, caterers, waiting staff and regular beer drinkers.
How big is it?
  • The Be Open is about 3.5 inches tall (8.75 cm) and 2 inches wide (5 cm). Therefore, it fits perfectly in just about any hand. Moreover, it won't get lost in the bottom of the silverware drawer like typical bottle openers.
How long will it last?
  • We make sure the manufacture maintains a high standard of quality. If you take good care of your Be Open, it should provide bottle-opening fun for many years to come.
How do I keep it clean?
  • Warm water and some mild soap should keep it working smoothly.

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