Introducing the amazing GreenBuddy Golf Tool!

Now just $9.95!

Switchblade action divot repair - A handy tool for any golfer.

The prongs forcibly snap into action with the push of a button and conveniently fold away to avoid damaging pockets. The large ball marker 'clips' securely in place without the extra weight and inconvenience of a magnet. Light and extremely durable, this is the highest quality switchblade action golf tool available.

Unlike other golf tools, the marker never slides. Moreover, it is easily removed with one hand - an extremely unique and useful feature. With prongs sunk in the turf, the cradle on the back supports a putter. The prong tips can even be used to scrape dirt from the grooves on your clubs and spikes.

Easily handle up and out of wet grass while you are chipping to the green!

The GreenBuddy uses the strongest and lightest materials available. A space-age polycarbonate is used for the handle while the fork is made from 420J polished stainless steel. Unlike some metallic tools, the GreenBuddy will never damage magnetic strips on credit cards.

Supplies are limited - so order now!

GreenBuddy Switch-Action Golf Tools make a unique promotional item. People truly enjoy using them and showing them off to friends and colleagues.

Customize the GreenBuddy with your organization's logo!

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