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Be Open Classic - The Essential Bottle Opener

Fun and easy to use, this is our #1 seller. The Classic is available in 7 colors as well as in stainless steel. →more info

Be Open - Custom Bottle Openers

A custom printed Be Open makes a great corporate gift. Put something practical and fun in the palm of your customer's hand!

Personalize your present by engraving a custom message or name on a Stainless Steel bottle opener. →more info

The Sports Collection

Know any sports fans who also love beer? We thought so. Introducing a fun new 'Be Open' style bottle opener that was developed by our design partner. The 'Kickoff' is just as easy to use as the Classic - but even more fun.

Animal and Outdoors Collections

The perfect gift for animal lovers and sportsmen. These unique bottle openers are based on the same mechanism that makes the Be Open Classic so easy to use.

More amazing designs to come! →more info

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GreenBuddy Golf Tool

Switchblade action divot repair - A handy tool for any golfer. The large ball marker 'clips' securely in place without the extra weight and inconvenience of a magnet. Light and extremely durable, this is the highest quality switchblade action golf tool available. →more info

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